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     The Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine is the unique scientific institution which undertakes fundamental scholarly investigations in all the fields of the modern arts. Its practical and theoretical studies are aimed at the development of the newest artistic techniques and methods, development of the professional contemporary art and architecture, uprising the national culture, publishing the monographs, scientific researches, which unveil the core essentials of the Institute activity, educating the professionals of high qualification on the specialty history and theory of culture.


     Since Ukraine became an independent state in 1991 we have witnessed fast political and cultural democratization of the society, accompanied by the important social and cultural transformations. The dynamics of the 90s of the 20th century also prompted changes within the Ukrainian modern art, which has been fed up by the ideological innovations, new perspectives and the multiplicities of art practices. All these tendencies led to the emergence of the radically new structures unknown earlier in the Soviet society, and these structures tried to comply with the speeding up artistic processes.
     Such newly born institutions, structured in the private format of functioning, mainly received support from the foreign charity foundations. Thus they provided curatorial work, establishing of the international cooperation, holding various exhibitions. The activity of such centres, galleries, salons can be characterized as chaotic and not systematic. Nevertheless there had been a few institutions, the policy of which could be characterized as systematically cooperation with important concepts of the art space in Ukraine.
     But despite the crashing of the old stereotypes and acquiring of the progressive creative experience, rising up of the exhibition activity the situation within Ukrainian modern art have not cheered up with optimism its participants. Actual creative activity remained a marginal phenomenon in the general cultural process in the Ukraine, because of the acute problem of the legitimization of the progressive trends, including them into the officially recognized culture, presenting with the equal and relevant rights, as those of the traditional culture. The innovative trends needed spreading among the Ukrainian art community. State officials pretended not to notice important up-to date changes in the Ukrainian art, and this fact made almost impossible the formation of the new cultural and social reality.
     Such an official position has not helped the creating the cultural identity of the Ukraine in the contemporary globalizing world. As back in the Soviet times Ukrainian art was absent on the most important world art forums, and sporadic efforts to overcome the negative situation and establish the communication with the world art resources just multiplied the conflicts and exposed the absence of the elementary knowledge how to enter and participate in the globalized art system as it was shown by the Ukrainian came-out to the 49th Venice biennale.
     Structural changes within the Another art model were connected with the transformations of the balance between the new and traditional and stable values within the Ukrainian social and cultural consciousness and understanding of the necessity to work out the adequate strategy of the art politics which would correspond to the international intellectual criteria and would help to build up an impressive reputation, to avoid stepping on the wrong path of the isolationism and marginalization. The participants of the world art and cultural process felt the negativity of the absence of necessary order in the art life, the gap between the art and the society, insufficient state policy in the field of art and culture. The progressive artists and art researches recognized the urgency of the personal active steps and initiated serious projects aimed at the support and development of the professional actual art in Ukraine. At that time the artist and arts researcher V. Sydorenko worked at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and faced all the difficulties, linked with the promotion of the non traditional creative artistic practices within the framework of the artistic official specialized institution, where the sections operated on the arts genres differentiation. Thus artists of the experimental direction were left unrecognized even in the Ukrainian art professional community. Far from normal and evidently retard situation forced Viktor Sydorenko to thoroughly investigate the experience of the Ukraine nearest neighbours: Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Hungary and due to the support of colleagues (N. Bulavina, O. Solovyov, O. Mischenko) to initiate the creation of the specialized professional institution, which would be relevant to the contemporary situation and capable to promote art ad art research development in Ukraine. The new institution was thought to provide instant activity on the art development and enhancing art studies in Ukraine; to receive not random grants from foreign charity foundation but to obtain a stable state funding. The initiative of the recognized artist found understanding and support in the board of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine and its members. A. Chebykin, I. Bezgin, O. Fedoruk and others hailed the idea of the founding the new institution.
     The Modern Art Research Institute was founded in the December of 2001 under the statement of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (13.12.2001 578-) under assistance of the Ministry of culture of Ukraine, positive notions of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Vice President of Ukraine on humanitarian issues V. Seminozhenko.
     Under the decision of Minister of education and science issued 5.07.2010 668 according to Attestation board of the Ministry the Department of post doctorate studies was opened in the Modern Art Research Institute, engaging such specialty as 26.00.01 history and theory of culture (art research). On the 1st of November 2011 five post doctorate students entered the Department, where they will study culture research directions of the contemporary visual art.
     Thus first steps to bridge the gap between unofficial art and the state has been made with the creation of the Modern Art Research Institute, which united the state resource and active participants of the modern art process. Ukrainian officials started to apprehend the representative value of the modern art and to use it in the processes of the social regulation at all levels on the way to open civil society free of old stereotypes. Newly born academic institution was headed by Director Viktor Sydorenko and became a radically new structural model, which corresponded to the contemporary temporal dimension. Its structure included administrative core and a flexible and mobile system of departments and laboratories, organized as effectively working teams of both artists and art researchers and theoreticians. The Modern Art Research Institute began its activity in the modern culture field with profound and fundamental investigation of culture phenomena, processes and resources.
     At the firsts years of the activity (2003) the artists and researchers of the Modern Art Research Institute were granted the honour to represent Ukraine at the most prestigious art forum the jubilee 50th Venice biennale. The national project by V. Sydorenko Millstones of Time (curators O. Solovyov, V. Burlaka) received wide spread international resonance, positive responses from art critics, and was invited later to numerous exhibitions. in this context there should be mentioned such projects as Faster then History, Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA, Helsinki, Finland; Blood: Lines and Connections, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, USA; Now, 5th International Art Festival, Magdeburg, Germany; Eastern Neighbours, International Art Festival, Babel Cultural Centre, Utrecht, Netherlands; Travers Video 10th International Video Festival, Toulouse, France; and many others.
     Nowadays the Modern Art Research Institute provides practical experimental researches and appliance of the capacities of the newest technologies (cooperation with the Institute of the scintillation technologies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine), undertakes active exploration of strategies and effective methods in order to spread the experience of the actual art practices.
     The initiatives of the Modern Art Research Institute aimed at the creation of the intellectual atmosphere around the phenomena of the contemporary culture and art are realized through the publication of science editions: since 1998 Art research of Ukraine, since 1999 Art horizons, since 2003 MIST (Art, history, contemporatity, theory), since 2004 Contemporary problems of research, restoration and preservation of the cultural heritage, Contemporary art, Art culture. Actual problems, Contemporary problems of art education in Ukraine, since 2008 ART Coursive illustrated almanac. Four part monograph Articles on the history of the fine arts in Ukraine in the 20th century, Articles on the history of Ukrainian cinema art, Articles on the history of theatre art in Ukraine in the 20th century should be distinguished among the fundamental researches of the Institute.
     The Institute activity is provided by the range of high level professionals in science research, among them there are academicians and correspondent members of the National Academy of arts of Ukraine, professors and assistant professors, doctors and candidates of art and architecture, doctors of philosophy and philology, prominent specialists in the sphere of visual art, music, cinema, architecture, culture studies and transcendental aesthetics.
     The Modern Art Research Institute engaged in the work famous Ukrainian scientists, specialists in the sphere of theory and history of architecture and construction: Volodymyr Tymofienko (19412007), Professor, Doctor of arts, Academician of Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, winner of State prize of Ukraine in the field of architecture, Honored master of science and technique of Ukraine; Andriy Byelomyesyatsev (19592010), Candidate of architecture, PhD in economics.


     The Institute gathers and makes classification of the information on the latest scholar researches in all fields of art, undertakes monitoring of the activity of various cultural institutions, performs an analysis of their work.
     The Institute undertakes investigations on the culture theory and history in the aspect to present culture as an entity, as well as from the perspective to unveil cultural general regularities, its concrete historical representations, cultural evolution and functioning the hyper technologies in the modern world.
     The Modern Art Research Institute of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine holds international art exhibitions, pleiners, master classes and seminars, conferences, devoted to the fundamental problems in the fields of the modern art, aesthetics, and culture and architecture studies.
     The essential achievement of the Modern Art Research Institute is the participation of its workers in the numerous international art exhibitions, performed plainers, implemented projects. The most important among them there are such as the 50th and 52nd Venice biennale (Italy, V. Sydorenko, V. Burlaka, O. Solovyov, O. Fedoruk) Eastern Neighbors Utrecht, Netherlands; Authentification, Paris, France; Art Kyiv and GogolFest (curator A. Solomukha); Ghurzuf Seasons (curator O. Avramenko); KyivParis, International festival of social sculpture, New Directions (Ukraine), Kyiv Suite etc; creating the documentaries and feature films: Mykola Vingranovsky, Once I wake up (M. Kondratyeva); Real master class (O. Chepelyk).
     The Institute cooperates with the Ukrainian and international organizations, charity foundations: State Agency of the science, innovation and informatization of Ukraine, Ministry of culture of Ukraine, Ministry of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine, State Fund of the fundamental researches, National academy of fine art and architecture, National University of theatre, cinema and television, Institute of culture studies of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine, Fulbright International Educational Exchange Program (USA), Kennan Institute Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars (USA), The Fondazione Romualdo del Bianko (Italy), Stichting Cultural Aid (Netherlands), Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts of the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Polish Documenta Academy (Poland), Tereschenko Foundation (Kyiv) etc.

Building of MARI before the restoration

                                                                Design drawings of the main and rear facades
                                              Workshop of academician of architecture Mykola Dyomin

, 20052012

Modern Art Research Institute, 20052012